Since this is my first dabble in real estate investing,

Since this is my first dabble in real estate investing, I am curious to those who are or worked with realtors on a few things.

Perhaps I am working with a realtor that is more “pushy” and maybe I need to drop him and find another one however, I’ll use a recent example:

Went to view properties with a realtor, did the initial financial check, 12 units, Miami Florida, up coming location, cap rate around 10.5% based on the pro forma I was given…my partner and I went there, looked and found it to be in “tough” shape, this is something we were not looking to take on…however, the realtor made it seem like when there is a strong cap rate, investors just come look quickly, and move the process to buy on the spot. Is this a common expectation from a realtor? Maybe that is the overall expectation, I’m used to purchasing residential properties and I think realtors expect us to look at many properties before choosing. I get the feeling that this is not the overall thought process for commercial realtors. Any thoughts on this?

Another example is the lack of communication- perhaps they are out dealing with other “big time” investors vs somebody looking for $1mm and under properties, but I’ve been sending out emails and phone calls to multiple realtors and with no real luck other than a select few responses. I am looking to move quickly, but I am not a “motivated buyer” by any means, nor should I be.

I guess what I am asking is what are common expectations from realtors? How does the thought process differ from that of a residential focused realtor? Any advice when dealing with realtors or first reaching out to them?


Its your money, and your future, not his. Stick to your instincts and your own criteria. In my opinion nearly all agents can see no further than a commission opportunity and don’t give a damn about whether you succeed or fail.

Find a different agent, even better if you find several. On one hand most agents will tell you it is best to stick with one agent while on the other hand they will tell you the best deals are sold before they hit the MLS. Sticking with one agent means you’ll never have the opportunity to ever hear about other deals at other agencies.

NEVER sign an exclusive buyers agency agreement with an agent for anything other that the specific property he is currently showing you.

What jmd_forest said is true and never, I mean NEVER deal with a professional that tries to make you feel low. Your are professional just like him.