Since Sheikh Hussein is in control, now what?

Last week majority of American voters voted for Sheikh Hussein as the President and Re-distributor In Chief, (I am still recovering from the shock). Where do we go from here as far real estate investing is concerned?

I have been thinking of limiting my income to $249,999 (at least for the next 4 years) so that I can keep him from redistributing my money.

What do you guys think?

I think that being responsible enough to refrain from playground name calling is the first step…

The second step is to contact your tax advisor. They are the professionals that can answer the question for you. Make sure that they are Americans… :rolleyes

Let’s be honest, can it get any worse than what your hero Dubya has done?

Re-distributor In Chief

I like that! I’m not at all surprised that the American people voted for Obama. He’s promising to give them something for nothing. We’re just about past the point of no return. Obama is promising to give people who don’t pay taxes “tax refunds”. Once the majority of people realize that they can literally vote themselves money, it’s over!

Comrade Mike

You may have to cut your income farther than that, once the new Administration admits they lied and have to lower that figure to make up for all the other cuts, and programs of entitlement that they are going to put out.

Who the heck is Sheikh Hussein? I didn’t see him/her on the ballot???

Real Estate Investing will be as it has been for the past couple of months… Foreclosures, Shortsales, Wholesaling, Subject 2, Lease Options… They are top strategies in this market.

I hope you’re not relying on the goverments decisions to run your business.

Besides…What do people do with tax refunds…They Spend it With Businesses! :shocked

“Time To Buy A Home!” (Says The Buyer with A New Check From the Government in hand)

“Right This Way”. (Says The Savy/Smart Investor)

In my personal opinion as a investor you have to change proactively as the market changes.

It wouldn’t be smart to limit your income instead its probably better to increase your income and find ways to use legal tax loopholes and strategies as their are different types of incomes.

It’s interesting to know that after the election there was a tele-seminar of RE investors that I attended where they discussed how to profit from the changes of policy soon to come.