Is anyone here knowledgeable about it? I know there are a couple of Silver ETFs available.

Maybe I’m being ignorant (I’m not super knowledgeable so take what I say with a grain of salt) but as far as I know silver, gold, platinum, etc move pretty much inversely to the market as a whole which is why precious metals are up when the DOW is down.

Ok, just so I don’t sound like a complete tool I just charted SLV (a silver etf) and GLD (a gold etf) and the DJIA on the same chart. GLD and SLV moved in almost perfect harmony with each other and were up with the DJIA was down and vice versa.

Long story short, if you think we are still on a downward spiral you should think precious metals. If you think we have hit bottom stay away from them or short them.

Note- I am not a professional investment advisor nor even smart. Please consult a real advisor and/or person with a brain. Past performance does not guarantee future performance, etc.

Thanks Rich, that’s what I was wondering, if gold & silver move in tandem.

We own and operate among our various businesses a Jr. Mining Company.

In the industry we acknowledge that the historical ratio of silver used to be 16 ounces of silver to 1 ounce of gold.

Gold tonight at $952.60 means silver should be trading at 59.53 per ounce at it’s historical boundries of 16/1

Our silver ratio has been way out of wack since congress made ownership of precious metals legal.

Right now there is a shortage of silver. We use silver for industrial applications, jewelry, electronics, glass coatings, etc.

We actually think gold will stay closer to where it is at, and silver will increase in value as the metal becomes less and less available.

We are not mining as much silver as is being bought and used!

They caught a drug dealer in my state with a bunch of silver bars, he was storing silver rather than chunks of cash.

“You got the silver you got the gold
You got the diamonds from the mine
Well thats all right, it’ll buy some time”
–Mick Jagger