silly question

can you refinance a home that is under seller financing. i don’t see why a bank wouldn’t do this but you know how they are with all there rules. just figured i’d ask!

sure you can

Easily done. Talk to your lender.

This can absolutely be done.

The real question is how you what to do it

You can you a Rate and Term REFI which jsut refinancing the property this is a good way of doing things if you have seasoning of title issues because the lender does not care about seasoning

Now another way is to sell the NOTE (Mortgage or Trust Deed Depending on the state you are in) Depending on the LTV and credit risk of the borrowing will depend on what the note buyer is willing to pay for the note. This is a very easy and fast way to get your money if you are the seller and want fast money 48-24 HOURS

Cash out REFI is a third idea and is the most sensitive to seasoning of title issues and you have to have eqity in the property. ALTHOUGH, you can get no seasoning CO REFI you just have to understand the number of lenders that do them are FEW :-\