Signs-when to put up and take down

When is the best time to put up and take your bandit signs down?

A lot has been posted about bandit signs on this forum but I could not find the answer to this by searching through the threads.

I read awhile back that you should put them up Friday evening and take them down Sunday evening. Whats the rationale behind this?

Gregg- Tucson, AZ

Code enforcement people work Mon-Fri, these are the folks that fine people for using bandit signs. If you signs go up Friday night after quitting time and come down Sunday night you have better odds of avoiding a fine.

I think Rich’s answer is the more valuable between his and mine, but I’d just add that the weekend is also the time when people just seem to tolerate signs more…you see signs for houses for sale, houses for rent, garage sales, etc., so another sign for your business isn’t going to stick out like a sore thumb or irritate the locals.

Thanks fellas. I think Ill take my signs down tomorrow evening then.

Well after putting mine up for awhile, turns out they only enforce it within the actual city limits, which is much smaller than what most people consider in the city. Its odd…

So I have a large buffer around the city that isn’t sticks and gets traffic.

On another note I called another heavy sign user and she said the highway dept. lets you pick them up at their dumpster. Kinda odd but at least most of mine are retreivable now! You might try calling your local highway dept. to find out.

Some areas are more tolerant than others. When I lived in Florida, the area I lived in was totally littered with signs most of the time. Every once in a while all signs would disappear - including the realtor signs.

I asked a high volume realtor about it one day and she told me that what happens is that when a county official is going to be touring the area on an official basis, the zoning folks come out and just collect and dispose of all the signs.

What I do when I stake out a new area is look for folks who have signs up already in a non competing arena - like maybe mortgages or whatever - and just call them and ask them their experiences in the area. I of course explain what I do so they understand that I am not a competitor. Most will open up and give you the dope for the area and sometimes even share with you other hot spots they know about.