Signs on cars and land??

Hi, I am new to this forum and am wondering a few things about these “We buy houses” websites that are plentiful here.

Wesites, magnetic signs on the SUV passing me in the road or a sign posted by a traffic signal…they all say “We buy houses…CASH”.

How is this done? I understand the verbiage and what it’s trying to convey (Cash = fast), but where will the investor get the cash? From private lenders?

How does one find private lenders/groups to fund his deals? from Websites, etc.?

Or are the lenders really hard money lenders that investors disguise as cash buyesr.

Thanks in advance.

FL Dave ???

Great questions…

I use signs and car magnets, plus I leave business cards everywhere. Where do I get the cash? Private investors? Where did I find mine? I’m related to him. Where are you going to find yours? Newspaper ad. Figure out the numbers and then reel em in. Piece of cake.