Signs, Flyers, And Business Cards

Ill be purchasing my first set of these and was wondering if anyone had any tips on what to get and what not to get?

Have you defined your market yet? What is your marketing strategy and what are you hoping to get out of it?

Ill be wholesaling junkers in the middle class neighborhoods. My strategy is just putting up signs in intersections and putting my flyers on the tables at my real estate club. When i do a few deals and get more cash then i will start marketing more in other area’s but right now this is all i can afford.

Heres some advice from another noob just one notch above where you are in terms of experience.

I have recently found it takes a TON of marketing to get calls. I used to think 5 bandit signs and flyers left at walmart and the gas station would do it.

Now I try and pass out flyers every day from 9-15, along with the above strategies (well with a few more signs). Im getting closer to the calls I am wanting.

If you have the dough definitely try direct mail. I don’t have the cash, so I pass out flyers instead of mail them.

Just saying, from the sounds of your post you might have your expectations too high on return from your marketing. Maybe Im wrong.

On another note, talking to someone I realized. The only hard part of doing this is leting everyone know you did it! If I could tell every soul in my county about what I do, I would be a rich and busy guy!

Ok, thanks for the advice. Im not sure if where we are located matters but in my city there can be up to 50 cars at a stop light every time. Im not sure if this changes anything just stating a fact.

Nah its about the same here where I put my signs.

Have you already bought them? If so how many did you get and what did you pay?

joker, you might be able to get away with putting out only a few signs to SELL your houses. But if you’re going to use signs to BUY them you need to put out a lot. Dozens at the very least, preferrably hundreds.

The last time I put out “we buy” signs I placed 50 and got 1 call. That one call almost turned into a $10k wholesale flip, but the ex-wife wouldn’t sign off.

Thanks, im going to be buying 5000 business cards at 100 dollars, 5000 flyers at 100 dollars and 100 signs that say we buy houses with my number 305-ASK-LORA for 250 dollars.

Go to and They are about the same in price, it really comes down to what design you want. I ended up going with WD and it was good.

cheapest I found is, they have them for $1.50 each.

Why are you going with flyers? how are you going to distribute them? and to how many houses? flyers are not the best bang for the bucks… how often are you going to deliver them to the same house?

Flyers are only for the monthly real estate meetings because im able to put a stack on the display table, 5000 should last me along time.

I believe if you pass them out yourself they can be a good bang for the buck. Time value may vary though.

But in a tight budget where would you put your money? Signs or flyers?

With a tight budget, I would want to maximize my chances of finding good deals by trying my best to target the houses that will most likely be a candidate for sale. I know this is very difficult to do when you are starting out, and easily said than done, but it is the best way to get the biggest bang for the bucks.

Flyers in general are ok. Not that great, but ok. I would much rather distribute a flyer to the same house 3-4 times over the span of couple of months than distribute them once to larger number of houses. Now, which houses should the flyers go to? it would have to be an older neighborhood not newer one. You want the highest chances of finding houses with enough equity to buy at a discount.

You may want to start out with 100 signs and see the results first then decide on the flyers. See if you get any calls from them.

If you want to know what it takes to be successful using flyers as a major lead source, just look at pizza places. They are single-handedly deforesting the entire planet for flyers! You need to distribute them in MASS quantities over and over and OVER again.

So long as you’re on a tight budget why don’t you do free marketing like calling and door knocking? The conversion rates are much higher than any marketing and they don’t cost a cent.

Look, Im in the same situation you are in, and while time will tell my results, Im very stingy when it comes to marketing. I printed all the flyers I will need for a LONG time at school this year (20,000, tech fee needs to pay for something) and I try to dodge the law with my signs so that I skirt around where they will pull them. In my opinion this will be okay because I blanket the edges of town, which is actually pretty busy. This side of town holds the supercenter wal mart, and my signs outside of it are outside the “pull zone”

But anyways, if you want to be cheap you have to do A LOT more leg work. For the past few weeks I have passed out fliers to neighborhood A on Monday, B on tuesday, etc. Next week I do it again. I have and will save hundreds on direct mail. Is it as effective? We will see as I go. I dont think fliers are as effective as handwritten letters, but I will pass out twice as many if that is what it takes.

Im stingy, and I have time. If doing XX work means saving X dollars, Ill do it.

Only you can say what will work best for you as you fine tune your marketing. And I can tell you from other business experiences that 10 of five things is always better than 50 of 1 thing when it coems to marketing. Good luck.

Not entirely true. You have to drive to every door, and you have to pay for the phone. In my situation, Id rather foot it, and door knock as I go when i pass out fliers. I always knock FSBOs and run down houses.

Thanks for all the info guys its great help. I already have another phone line setup for business only so i will be calling as well as putting up signs around town. Cold calling wont be the most effective way but if your fast and efficient with your time i think it will work well in the time to money ratio.

Would it be ok to just get black and white flyers made at kinkos and put those in mail boxes?

Never put anything inside the mailbox, that is USPS property. You can put it on the outside, but not inside.