Signage Question...Finding Motivated Sellers

If you have ever put out bandit signs to find motivated sellers, what wording have you found to be the most effective? And have you ever tried putting your website on the bandit signs? Thanks for your thoughts…

there are only three lines on a bandit sign… As long as your website is short and ties to what you do the better…

Imagine a bandit sign that reads

Avoid Foreclosure

Good Luck

Mine reads…


I tried to reinvent the wheel with my old signs…

We will buy your unwanted home right now!

Guess which one worked better???

Live and learn… :anon

I think you should use the 4 line MAX on a bandit sign for best results.

I have used:

We Buy Houses
Quick closings

In my experience, I have not really gotten much web traffic from bandit signs, and it makes sense.

Think about the psychology of a motivated seller, driving down the street.

Impulse drives them to call, and you want to answer the phone because they will call the next sign and you may lose the deal!

A person is not able to pull up a site while driving, so it is not a direct method to accomplish what you want.

You can give them the site address when they call, because that will give them the confidence in your credibility.

Good luck!