What’s the most anyone has paid for installation of siding, facia etc. fixing up the exterior of a building?

What is your ideal price (average) you’d like to pay for a siding job according to the buildings in which you work with?

I paid $3,000 for new siding on a 1100 SQ FT 1 story house. I wish I would have paid less.

This is really a local question. Where are you?

Metro area of Washington D.C.

As stated earlier it really depends on your location. I had estimates last week for putting siding on a rental property I have and the estimates were $3,900, $4,500, $8,900 and $26,600! The highest price was from a national company. Their sales pitch was high pressure. The materials they use did seem to be of higher quality. However, for a rental I would not put that much into it. I will probably go with the lower priced local installer but I will ask him some of the questions about installation that the high price bidder discussed. Best of luck to you.

Thanks for the answers. I have a rental property that I got one quote for $9,600 and another for $7,000. Since it’s my first rental property I didn’t really know what to expect and hence my posting. Just trying to get a general feeling for price (and of course it may be local). My property is roughly 1970 square feet 3 story townhome. I’m trying to do some upgrades in hopes of getting an appraisal and pulling out cash to reinvest

Before starting the siding talk to your apprasier and see what improvements he would recommend for the most return on your money. Siding looks good but does it add value to the home? I think so but some apprasiers may only look at square footage, # of bedrooms, age of structure, etc to come up with the market value. I have made improvements and refinanced to pull out some money. In both cases I had the apprasier’s report of what the value would be after the improvements before I spent any money on them. Best of luck to you!

That’s a good idea in speaking to the appraiser. Thanks