Well I have just found out that I have been sidelined. I pulled my credit report and there are some charges on all 3 agencies that don’t belong and they are new :shocked. I have reported this to the agencies and started the process for identity theft. There are also credit cards that I don’t have and again they are new. I am calling them as I type to close the accounts. I have already closed my bank accounts and opened new ones and that took all morning :banghead. Any one else been through this?


Good luck, I have heard its a bear to sort through, I guess its time to learn birddogging, wholesaling, assigning, lease options, and subject to’s. Your not washed up, you just have to change your game plan a bit. Turn this from a block in the road, to a speed bump

Good luck. At least you caught it sooner. Keep on the credit bureaus to get your account cleared up. They can be really slow with this.