Sick of too many for rent phone calls

Have you ever put a For Rent sign on your property and received a million phone calls you do not have time to answer?

You have to check out You can easily create a website for your property and direct potential renters to it through traditional methods i.e. classified ads, or you buy a special rental sign for the property. Other marketing tools are available and the sign and site are only $25 delivered. Hard to beat.

Tenants can downloads applications from the site, email friends or other potential renters, or email you a request for an appointment with just a click.

Just thought everyone would enjoy a few less phone calls and better qualified tenants.

Doug Ramsey



if you are getting too many phone calls for your property, that is a good indication your rent is too low.

Raise the rent!!!

Another thing allows for is a landlord page in which you can change the price real time. Start high and if you have little interest, keep lowering as you wish. It is easy to determine market value this way.

Add a small mail box (label it free info) to the for rent sign. Stuff it with a photo copies of the details on the unit. I find the calls drop and only the pass alongs and more serious call. BTW I notice that other owners in the arrea read to see what the rents are. So by raiising my rents and not allowing dogs, cats and smokers, many others have improved several units in the area.

Another site I have found useful is