SHOW ME THE $$$$$$$!!!

i posted this in the beginners carlton sheets…wanna see what you guys think…i just started birddogging not to long ago and ive made ok money so far…im able to find such good deals because i quit my job and im pursuing real estate full time…i feel like im ready for the next step and im thinking of doing one of my own deals…only problem i have…$$$$$$…it seems like all these “so called” HML hard money lenders went SOFT!!..they want 580credit and last 3yrs taxes and so on and so on…i just need the $$$$$…i cant seem to find this golden HML everyones talking about…also…everyones talking about private lenders is my best bet…find a private lender…okay…WHERE???..everytime i ask for a connection everything gets quiet…and it turns into one of those scary movies when you dont hear anything but the music and you know someones about to get there head chopped off!!!..i guess i cant blame them…but man…WHERES THE $$$$??



I was over at naked-investor .com and saw a post that may be of help to you

It was in the funding part of the fourms posted by acompany called cbainc

You might want to go over there and take a look ?

real estate 001 is correct. I have checked that forum too just now, and thought that this really might help you. Good luck.

HEY 1018

What did you think of the postting by cbainc at naked-investor ?

As there are a lot of companies out that promise a loan but never come through

it sounds and looks like they may have a new way to make it happen with some kind of a insurance bond or something ?

But hey having to pay the fee upfront to get the loan is a bit much ?

Any way if your credit sucks and you have no other way i would say it could be good ?

But i understand that the fee comes off the back of the loan at the end of the term

And you can not pay it off before the term is done

look here, I’ve been trying to locate Private Money investment groups who are 4-real. All the ones that respond to my inquiry are merely scammers tying to ge those up-front fees, so watch out. Once I ask them for thier Closing Agent/Attorney/ Escrow or Title Company information, that they have had closings with, I never hear from them again.

Earlier today, my client was pressered to hurry up and sign an LOI and wire a non-refundable fee of $25,000. The borrower had two concerns, and when I posed that to the AE all he did was say sorry no extensions and the senior partners are too busy to take the call.


I have not heard form the AE all day regarding this. He has not even answewrd my calls or e-mails all day, when I usually speak to him at least 3 to 5 times a day regarding other deals.

Trust your GUT - If you get an overwhelming sense that something isn’t right , it usually is not.
And, always do your homework, I’m sure you do not want your borrower shelling out fees and they end up killing the deal, you will be the one who wears the black eye.

Good luck to you - you have more courage than me quitting your day job in this market. It’s pretty tough out here.

I wish you the best as well !!!

Have you gonre to the web site i said to and looked at the post of cbainc ??
I think they from the way it sounds could be of help to you

im a lil nervous about givin cash up front…i hear about lenders rippin people off this way all the time…i had one guy in the U.K say he was gunna lend me 100,000 all i had to do was send him 750dollars for the wire transfer…then i told him my bank only charges 10bucks…i havent heard for him since…i wasnt to surprised tho…i just need a legitimate way to get funding with the real estate as collateral…i guess thats to much to ask these days… :help

HEY i know what you are saying

I have got them two from there as well other places over seas

I do not think i need to say where there are scams every where

So i guess we just take are chances and hope we are doing business with a honest company

After we do are due- dil on the company

The bottom line is to work on your credit. I understand there are alot of cans out there, but if you can locate someone that knows what they are doing, you can get yourself cleaned up, then get loc’s and now you are in busines. 45-60 days is all it would take to capture and take over this lucrative market!