Should Wholesalers Disclose Contract Price to Possible End Buyers?

I understand that the contract price will be disclosed when assignment takes place but many end buyers get bent out of shape when you tell them that the contract price will not be disclosed until it’s time to assign. Should wholesalers disclose what the contract price is to interested parties at the beginning of the process?

It’s interesting because my buyers usually never ask. However I have been putting that info up front lately.
My most recent deal last week I emailed this message to my buyer.

Seth, I have a house at 1020 E Hedges under contract for $60,000 I want $8,000 Total price is $68,000
Any Interest?

And like usual, he wanted it. Already started escrow. I’ve did several deals with this buyer for a $15,000 assignment fee. And some for as little as $2,500 He either say yes or no.
So I say, yea, put it on the table.


Thanks for the input.