Should Sell Package for WAMU NJ

I’ve done all the paperwork for obtaining a shortsale package. I’ve submited the authorization of release of information forms to my client’s bank. I also submited a copy of power of attorney with limited power to processing my client’s sale of her home. Since the submition of all my paperwork, i have requested my client’s bank to submit us the short sale package. The bank told me that they have sent it out in march 19, march 26 and april 2nd. Still to this day my client has not recieved any such package through the mail.

Is there a way i can convince her bank to send me the package instead of my client? Maybe even fax it? Is this package a standard package? If so, dOes anyone out there already have this standard package where they can fax it to me? Let me know if i’m missing any sort of documents to obtain such a package.

Thanks in advance, Nick

Maybe even try to convince them to not only send it directly to you but also send using some sort of trackable express package and give you the tracking number. (UPS, DHL, Fedex, USPS Priority)

I always request the bank to fax the requirements to me. If you have the Authorization to release information, there shouldn’t be a problem.