Should I wait?

Ok, I posted the same things on another board as I did here. They told me to wait because the market isn’t good here in Southern CA to do this.

My question to you all here is if the numbers and situation are right, isn’t it still possible to make money? i am not talking about a year or two ago, I’m just talking about making $10-$30K doing a wholesale deal.

I do plan on waiting to do more, but why not make some money now?

No, don’t do it…I read that SoCal is on the verge of breaking off and floating away!

All seriousness aside…no wait, in all seriousness – yes, of course you can still make money when the market is soft, stagnant, upside down, inside-out, sideways, good, bad, indifferent…you just need to be able to buy low and sell higher…

My suggestion: Stop asking and start doing.


I echo what Keith said, CA will fall off soon. Oops, I mean yeah it will work in any market.

LMAAAOOOOOOO! You guys are great. I know CA is not going to fall into the ocean anytime soon. Thank you for the responses. That other board is full of it, there are always predicting doom, :bsI don’t get it…

I will of course do any deal that makes sense. Just getting my feet wet here, so I like to cover as many bases as I can.

Heck I was just reading “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor” last night and there was a quote from a guy there that said that he would rather buy on the downturn rather than the upturn. It doesn’t matter what the market is doing, buy low and sell higher and always be just far enough below what everyone else is selling at to move it quickly.

Thanks again. I like being around positive people more than the naysayers. Always makes you wonder why they are in this business if that’s the way they are going to think.


there’s a big difference between being a “naysayer” and just a realist.

Doesn’t take much at all for anyone on this board to say to you, “JUST DO IT!,” “DON"T WAIT,” or some other great motivational one liner. Truth is, it also doesn’t mean much at all to anyone on this board whether or not you have any knowledge or experience in the biz or if you lose your shirt by “just doing it.”

So call me a naysayer if you will. Truth is, yes, you can make money in ANY market, if, IF, you really know what you’re doing. That is especially true in a downturn market. You will HAVE to know what your market retail prices REALLY (not some hopeful figure) and you’ll HAVE to be able to buy those properties at a major discount from that because chances are when you’re ready to sell, that retail price will be LESS.

Wholesaling in a down market, especially if you’re new to the business isn’t recommended, unless you intent is to wholesale to the public. Personally, I really don’t think that an inexperienced person will be able to buy at the discount needed in a down market to resell to another investor and there be enough profit there for both.


Hi Raj. I know what prices the wholesalers are expecting and I intend to do only vacant or foreclosure properties. I have been doing a lot of reading, asking questions and getting my numbers in line. I am not thinking that I am going to make $100K on a house right now, I would be happy with $5-10K.

No one said jump in uninformed. We just told her that there is no reason why she can’t make money in a bad or good market.

Thanks for the answers. I just was interested in getting other points of view.