Should I tell potential sellers right off the bat that I'm a bird dog?

Hello. I’m just getting started out with bird dogging. Should I tell the seller right off the bat that I’m a bird dog or act like I’m trying to buy the property myself?

I am assuming you mean to be a real bird dog where you are not negotiating with the seller. You are collecting info as to a possible opportunity (either already on the market or a property that might not be on the market so far).

You want to collect the info and move on. You do not want to say a whole lot to the seller that will cause them to expect anything in particular. You are more like a researcher for another person so you can not tell what the investor might do or say to the seller if they ever contact them.

Be professional, collect the info and thank them for their time. No need to build a relationship as you will not be personally back in touch.