Should I step in or not

Ok today i went to see one of my tenants, he a older man late 50s- early 60’s military vet with a cane. I told him two day’s ago i was coming by. I knocked on the door several times no answer, I called him and he said he didnt feel like coming to the door but then finally opened up. By the looks of it someone had beat the mess out of him. He looked very bad he quickly said he had a bad fall ( right ). I finished up what i had to do and on the way out asked him was everything ok several time is said yes he is fine. WHAT SHOULD I DO? He is a Section 8 tentant so he has a case worker should i call him or leave it alone. You no how men are he said he was ok so he is ok right? :banghead


Do the right thing and call the case worker and the police! It sounds like elder abuse and someone is abviously abusing this man for either cheap thrills or money!

No one deserves this type of treatment and ongoing abuse!

Do the right and responsible thing!


PLEASE report it to the police and his case worker in case there is actual abuse and maybe he is too afraid to tell anyone. Thank you for your good conscious and compassion!

Late 50’s is not “elder”.

Does he live alone, or does he have a caregiver? If he lives alone, I suspect that a mugging is more likely than elder abuse.

Is a Section 8 case worker going to bestir themselves to do anything about it?

Since today is my birthday I have to agree with tatertot since I am getting closer to late 50s every day. You need to use your judgment since you are on the ground there, but I have called the police on people that said they were ok before. It is better for the police to actually determine he is ok than to have his PRIDE get in the way of him actually being ok. Now you are going to be that nosey landlord.

Call the police for a “welfare check”. That’s what you do when someone doesn’t answer the door or look like they have a medical problem. You meet the police there with the key in case he doesn’t open the door.

Last year we had to go with a nurse’s supervisor and the police to open up the door of a non-responding tenant. Her car was parked in front, and she had called in sick four days before. She turned out to be almost comatose from alcohol abuse and was admitted to the hospital. This was our second case of alcohol-overdose hospital admission.

That is why we get an “Emergency Contact” name and phone number when people check in. Do you have an emergency contact number for your injured tenant?

I’ve had to call for a police welfare check when my college daughter didn’t call or respond for several days. It got her attention, and the college town police said it happens all the time–“I was just busy studying and WAS gonna call you…”