Should I refinance my house


I just called a loan officer and asked him for a GFE for refinancing my house.
Here is the current situation:

My house mortgage total: $230,000
I have paid it for 2 years at 4.5% for 15 years
Monthly payment: $2290 (insurance and tax included)

He offers me 3.25% for 15 years, closing cost is $3100
New monthly payment is about $1950 (insurance and tax included)

I can save $250 a month to refinance my house.
If I plan to keep my house for 1 year, then the closing cost for refinance will pay off.

Did I miss anything?

Should I refinance my house?


How long do you plan to live in that house?

At least 3 more years.


Is it worth to refinance my house?


If you can recoup the closing costs in 1 year by refinancing and you are staying in the house for 3 years I say refinance.