Should I go to a seminar being offered to people on how to avoid foreclosure?

A local agency is offering a seminar on how to avoid foreclosure at a local library. I was thinking of going there, parking my car with its signs on it and sitting in the front row.

I wouldn’t offer any advice or anything during the seminar, I would just hope that people would figure out I am the investor by me not being antsy and not taking any notes during the talk .

Do you think this is a good idea or would I appear predatory?


Jenny! Jenny! Who can i turn to? LMAO! (sorry, i recognize that number)

I think that you SHOULD go. Have a positive attitude and be available for questions. Perhaps the people holding the seminar are investors such as yourself and you should always keep your eyes on the competition and you could score some great leads. (sorry for the runonnnnnnnnnnnnnn)

It is being held by a local community action organization, not investors.

Definitely go, maybe this service is something you can refer some of your leads to when they want to try and keep their house.

If you are working pre-foreclosure I think it’s always good to have options for homeowners who want to try and keep their house.

Take your business cards with you. If you happen to engage any of the attendees in conversation, give them your card without appearing pushy or eager.

You obviously want people to notice you, so give them your card to take away.

I would go. Besides networking, you never know what you might learn.