should i find a cheap apt or jump into a lease opt. never lived on my own

i am 23 years old and this is the year that i have to leave the nest. i never lived on my own and buying property was not taught to me by my parents. i just realized how much i missed out on. i heard lease options are great for someone like me. i just found out a couple of days ago some minor points about it, but still lacking a lot of credit is not great and lacking cash. i work a pt job. and i know it requires some cash to move out. but how much should i expect. i have my other half thats going to be in this with me but we are both in the same situation. its true what they say, parents pass money making and money saving strategies to there kids. and my parents didnt know to much about the topic so i got to learn on my own. i live in the southern ca Orange county area and im looking for other ways to raise cash besides my job but it seems like im limited. is there any good advise out there i would appriciate it all. thans
branden :help

find a deal on a house get a contact to purchase and then assing it to another investor fo maybe 5k as long as they get a good price on it they should be happy to pay you an assignment fee

thank you.
i always here find a deal or look for deals. but in my situation, i realy dont have the rei back ground so i dont understand. what would you consider to be a deal to be. i always look at property in newpapers, internet, drive bys etc. but what i need to understand is what am i looking for. comparisons, that sell for more. i just dont understand what a deal would look like. i here that there are deals everywhere so i am willing to put the time in to look thanks

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