should i employ my realtor to assist me with fsbo's?

I’m new to all this, realtor helped me get my 1 st property, well just about, 2 weeks, fingers crossed, and with my lack odd exp I’m wondering if using my realtor to help on a good fsbo deal could be beneficial to the both of us. he facilitate it, advise me on all I need to know then collect a single realtor’s commission. or am I being a wuss and should take an fsbo on my own all I need to know is x, x, and x? please advise. thanks guys/gals

someone, anyone?

If the Realtor is also an investor, any good deals that come his way won’t get past him. You get the scraps.
If he/she isn’t an investor, you know more than the Realtor and are better off on your own.

If you want FSBO’s don’t contact Realtors. They deal with listed properties and are selling them for full or close to full value.
I contact homeowners using absentee owner lists and yellow letters and also recruiting bird dogs and running ads on Craig’s list I buy Houses, public records ect…
I have lost serious amounts of money because Realtors told home owners that what I was doing (Wholesaling, Lease Options, Subject to) was illegal bcuz I had no license.
If you want to pay full retail then contact a Realtor.
If you want to make money buying houses in distressed situations, avoid them.

Because you are new to all this, you probably don’t know enough to protect yourself if you go it alone. The realtor will help you write up an offer, on state approved forms, and will guide you through all the things you need to do to get to settlement. And, the agent knows what to look for and what to do to ensure that the property is in good shape and the title is clear and marketable.

Since you will be using the Realtor as a buyer’s agent, you will be responsible for paying the agent’s commission (which should be no more than 3%) unless you can get your seller to agree to pay your agent’s commission. If the deal is really good, the agent’s commission you pay out of pocket should not be a deal breaker.

If you have already been working with an agent, ask that agent to represent you as a buyer’s agent on this deal.

From what I’ve seen, most FSBOs are overpriced.

Use your Realtor to pull the comps for the FSBO property.

If it still looks like a good deal use the Realtor to make the offer.

Remember as investors we don’t want to pay more than 70% of ARV.

awesome info. thanks all

Buying property without a realtor is not all that hard if you have the basic education. Assuming that you have found a property that meets, or exceeds, your investing requirements then handling a closing is not difficult.

First, you should have a copy of the PA from your last purchase that you did through the real estate agent. You can type that agreement out and just not include the parts that indicate realtor involvement or that mention the local board of realtors. This will give you the legal protection.

Second, when writing up the offer, make sure you include subject to clauses that protect your interests. These could include being subject to a home inspection, financing or partner approval.

Third, once a final offer is accepted, take a copy of the PA down to your local title company. They will handle the closing for you including title searches, legal preparation and recording.

Easy as that.