Should I do this?

I am a beginner investor. My credit is excellent and I have a full-time job. Some debt, but my husband and I are paying that down. We just paid a big chunk off recently.

My husband lost his job recently and while scouting for a new one he was offered to help bird-dog for a couple of investors. He would get paid for any leads that converted. And in the first meeting, these investors asked my husband if he was interested in investing as well. He said he wanted to wait, but was still interested in the bird-dogging aspect of the business.

I have been to several REI meeting so far and the one of the investors is close with the president of the REI club. I am so new to investing and I just want to take ACTION like yesterday. But I don’t want to buy property on emotion and I think that’s what it would be if I bought something today. I’m miserable in my job and want to quit NOW.
My question is should we pursue this opportunity and learn from fellow investors or do it all on our own?

If you have the opportunity to learn from experienced investors, why would you want to try and “recreate the wheel”? Take some time to ask questions, absorb information and become familiar with your area. Once you are comfortable with the processes, then start out slowly and move your way forward.

The first thing IMHO that you need to do is stop wanting to do it so darn bad… Kinda reminds be of the joke about the old bull and young bull standing on the top of the hill over looking a herd of sexy cows…

After you settle down then start on some realistic goal settling practices. Within them you should write the words “Learn how to buy without my own credit.”

This game is too expensive to rush in and make mistakes. In the beginning it is like trying to hit a fast ball without a bat and blindfolded… You have to be careful cus that fastball may just hit you…

Also note that the REI meetings that you’re going to are built around making the club owner money… Not that there isnt great info there however there is a reason the air temperature is set at 68 degrees…

Good luck and congrats on your career choice

Thanks for the replies. These investors have the lists and the scripts.

The thing that I like is that I would be working with established investors. They will also bring us in on deals and let us see how deals are done.

And they also want to know if we would be interested in investing with them.

The thing that worries me is…is this too good to be true? Like what’s the catch. Am I reading too much into it?

My answer depends upon whether or not they are going to charge you money to teach you how to bird dog.

There are “gurus” out there who charge much too much to provide information that may or may not be useful.

However, if these are legitimate investors and they are going to train your husband for free and send him out to bird dog for them, then that’s fabulous. If they are training a birddog for their own personal use, they are going to teach him exactly how to find the choice investments, and just exactly what properties are worth buying.

That is very valuable information, and it is worth taking the time (and it will take time) to learn it.


Thanks for the response. I spoke to my husband again and they are going to pay us for bird dogging once there is a conversion. We do not have to pay them. They will bring us into deals so we can see how it’s done.

My husband is just trying to finalize the last of the details so we can start doing this.

Thanks again for everyone’s input.

Jump in if you are so desperate. I think it’s tough and expensive but you can do it if you are stubborn and dedicated. Otherwise it’s just not your cup of tea.