Should I buy a plot or built house?

Which one will the best and profitable option.


You mean buy a burial plot?   :flush

I don’t think their any profit for you in death? Maybe for your heirs?

Your not talking about building a crypt are you?

Plot? House?


The cheapest you can build a house for is the cost of the land and cost of the materials that went into the house. You can buy a house for less than the land and materials cost. For example if it costs $10k to buy a lot and $80k in materials you have a house that has $90k in it. Lowe’s is not going to give you the materials any cheaper than what they cost. But if you find a person that bought that house for $80k paid on the mortgage until it has a balance of $20k and they want to sell the house for what they have in the house you can give them $20k to go away. You have just bought a house for less than the materials that make it up.

Exactly, i think nowadays nobody has time to buy a plot and build a house.