Should a realtor's comps be trusted?

Personally…I don’t think so.

I definately see value in obtaining them…but the realtor is also motivated by his/her interest in making the sale.

Any and all discussion is welcome.

Thank you,

That really depends on the Realtor. When I was an Agent, I always gave the numbers as they were.

Here is a little realtor trick… or should we say technique. When you are on the phone with a seller, you ask how much they think the house is worth. 99% of the time they will tell you. But if you ask face to face, 99% of the time the answer is “thats why were talking to you,” or “I really don’t know.” But the reality is every seller knows what they think the house is worth.

So what many agents will do is ask what its worth on the phone, then. They use the comps as needed to get as close as possible to your number. If you can agree on price, then that agent is one step closer to getting the listing. We call this buying the listing. They figure I get the listing, and reduce em later.

The sad truth is, most sellers will list with the agent that gives them the best price. I lost plenty listings because I was honest. Then 2-3 months later they reduced down to what I originally told them, and guess what… It sold. But who got paid? The agent who bought the listing. So tell me… If you were the agent, what would you do?

I list with the agent that I believe is best equipped (for a variety of reasons!) to sell my property quickly and efficiently…so far, so good…!


Always ALWAYS ALWAYS do your own due diligence.