Anyone know how to reach these people? I submitted a package 2 weeks ago and have not heard from them. The owner of the property is really upset with me because the bank called them and told them that a package needs to be submitted by today.

I’ve tried emailing them and calling them several times and nothing. Has anyone dealt with them? They were recommended to me from someone from this site. I am pretty upset right now because they are making me look very bad.

This is the red flag that should tell you to just walk away. No serious company conducts business in that manner. Imagine what it would be like if you were in phase two of your deal and you needed to get in touch with them within 24 hours and they just go MIA…

I’d pass…no question.

Thing is I do need to get in touch with them with 24 hours which was yesterday. Now I have to submit the short sale myself.


Short sale only has been discussed recently in several posts. Here is a link to one of them;,29734.0.html

Thanks Mdhaas. These people are so unprofessional. Looks like I lost my deposit but lesson learned. I have already started the short sale process myself.