ShortSaleMike Net Sheet

On 9/12/06 ShortSaleMike made available to everyone a creative and ‘itemized and visually influencing’ net sheet that I would love to obtain a copy of. Can anyone please email me a copy I could definitely use it with my lender. I couldn’t find it on his website.

Thanks in advance.
Mi Baruka

I would also like to see that.

same here

What? Is it made out of chocolate??

I know that this was posted quite some time ago, but if it is still avalible I would also like to have this…thanks! :biggrin


I am a rookie investor and I am working on my first SS. This website and blog have been great. Any chance that I could get a copy of the net sheet from anyone who has it? I would really appreciate it, I need all the help I can get right now.


I have copy of excel hud-1 sheet, you just fill out the first page and it does everything else for you. Just print out page 2-3. email me if you would like it

I would like a copy as well, if it is still available.

Me to please… :biggrin

I would be most appreciative if you could send it to me also. Thank you for offering this resource.

ShortSaleMike has a lot of his creations at I hope this helps.

What a pointless post to make on a thread from last August.