Short Sell Prgrams and Mentoring(for big bucks)

Does anyone have any experience working with some of the SS mentoring programs? Like Tom Butler, Hobach, Sumpter; where they mentor you thru a program for a small price, $5,000 to $30,000.
It would seem that if the process works as advertised it would be a great deal.

Thanks for any imput.

Like you said, if it works… National gurus do not train you, they have a helpdesk and you talk to the helpdesk basically. You won’t get your money’s worth.

I recently did a phone training with shortsaledeals and it was more than worth the money. Also, well below what others are charging.

I’d pass. I bought Butlers book a year or two ago and it couldn’t be any more vague. It tells all about his short sale deals but nothing in detailed paint-by-numbers explanations. I wouldn’t waste my money with those guys knowing what I know now.

My suggestion: Financial Health Coach. Without question, the BEST training IMO. It’s steep but Ryan, Angie & Claude got it going on and they do things ethically. PM me if you want more info but save your $ with those other guys you mentioned.

Yes Ive been through Tom Butlers course big mistake 25k later dont do it then Iwent to financial health coach wow what a great group I went through all the training and was a platinum member I can say it is great training I spent 30k learning the business and Its worth it…ask me a question

We’ve been through Financial Health Coach and it was great training. That was about 2.5 years ago. We currently are coaching students with Strategic Real Estate Coach.
While FHC gives you a great foundation, SREC will take what you learned, help turn it into a business and push it places you didn’t think it could go. They have the BEST team and are honest, down to earth people that do the business every day.
We were getting a couple short sale leads per month with our direct marketing. In mid-February we put their ideas into place and saw our leads go from a couple per month to 3-5 per week. Good, solid leads. We went from 7 leads to 43 leads in our pipeline in 6 weeks!!
They have a great free report and are ramping up for a bootcamp in May. I just can’t say enough about what they have done for our business. We actually are being interviewed by SREC in the next couple days to be used for their teleseminar because of our great results. We didn’t do anything spectacular - just followed what they said and made sure we did thing very professionally.
Anyway, I created a signup page so you can get the free reports they created - these alone will make you think differently about what you do.

I have spend around $300 on different courses and books to teach me the short sale arena, and i have made way more than my money back. You don’t need all the fancy training, just buy some good quality information and go to all of the forums on the subject and you will be more than ready.

short sales listed on MLS: 6000+
short sale deals closed since September: 243.

That is why gurus are charging thousands for bootcamps. Only a few people who know what they are doing are making any money with short sales, the rest are selling CD’s and mentoring programs. Don’t waste your money, find a local investor that knows the the heck they are doing.

Some of us at REI Club are happy to provide information via this forum or on our blogs. I personally have been happy to assist people directly with their questions when they have emailed them to me.

Most courses provide you with the information that was current at the time the course was produced. Your are then left on your own to figure it out.

A better solution can be a coach or mentor. A strategic coach can be a good and worthwhile investment as they can guide you through the ever changing world of short sales and foreclosure investing. One warning is to make sure upfront that you are compatible and that they will be available to help you on a timely basis.