short sales

I don’t understand when buying a short sale why you have to make up an LLC to purchase it. Can you just use your business name on the purchase agreement to conduct the sale?

You do not have to make up a LLC to purchase a short sale unless you are deciding to flip the property. Often short sales have a deed restriction that does not allow the buyer to resell the property for something like 90 days for a price that is higher than what they paid for it.

Placing the property in a LLC allows you to sell the corporation rather than the real estate (which in effect sells the real estate owned by the corporation) and allowing you to buy pass the deed restriction.

If you are not planning on flipping the property, then I wouldn’t bother.

In short sale there is a fact that the vender of the property will ordinarily need to pay some cash at shutting or consent to an unsecured obligation to have the short deal affirmed. On the off chance that the vender won’t, then a short deal may fall through regardless of the fact that the dealer has endorsed the deal.