Short Sales / Wholesaling in TX

Can anyone tell me how good short sales / wholesaling is doing in TX. I talked to a rep in LM at a major lender and they told me that they are seeing alot of defaulters coming from the midwest and thus an upsurge in foreclosures and the like. Can anyone testify to this? I wanna know or hear from someone who is actually moving thngs in the state.

I recently read something that said that Dallas is No. 1 in the country in foreclosures. Austin, Houston & San Antonio are in the top 10.

Most leads I’m getting right now the majority of them are coming from Texas…Houston and Austin.

Anyone else seeing a big change in the market? Is the job market tough there right now?

NO, texas isn’t that bad. Actually they have been like 8 months ago…you have old news guys. Try colorado and a couple more around the u.s. The dallas area has went down for the past year straight, but they still are some big numbers. I think dfw is like 3-4 now at least.

Also, I have done short sells in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, and Denton counties for about 2 years or so now. is my fav. site for leads. Make it easy and pay for them!!! Then short sell them, list the property if you like, post add’s in the DMN or FWST newspapers and say investors wanted. Send them the properties etc. This is how I do it in DFW usually. I don’t want the properties normally. I flip the deals not buy them. Only a select few. have anything else I can help you with?

The way you tell if foreclosure is bad, is to look at the states that has the most appreciation. Get the idea.