Short Sales, Preforeclosures: How To?

What’s the best way to go about learning short sales and preforeclosure techniques. Is there a legitimate course or two out there that is worth what I assume will be a considerable cost?

Woops! My bad. This belongs in the Foreclosure and Short Sales forum. I guess I deserve a beating. . . :bash

A couple of years ago, I bought an e-book called “Foreclosures and Flippers”. It covered the foreclosure process and included a 50 state guide to Foreclosure Laws. It also includes an e-book on short sales. You can get it at It also included the forms needed. Then entire course was about $50 and I thought it was well worth the money.

I have absolutely no connection with this company or author. I just thought it was a good course at a reasonable price.

Good Luck,


Thank you, Mike. I’ll check it out.