Short Sales in Texas

Can anyone give me some help with Short Sales in Texas, specifically Dallas, Arlington, Grand Prairie area? I am currently in a training program for Short Sales and will soon be ready to work my first deals. What is the market like in Texas? Should I consider relocating to another area where the marked is better? Can I expect to make any money in this area? Any other advice for working the Texas area would be greatly appreciated.
I am also considering purchasing several properties in the next ten years to own and rent out. Is this a good move or not?


I specialize in short sales here in Houston. What specific questions do you have?

Is it wise to go into Short Sales when we are in a Mortgage Meltdown and it is very hard to get a loan without having high credit score, money down, and can document your income. Will I be able to get money to work these deals and will I be able to find an investor?

I dont mean to hijack Rocketman’s post but I do have a question for you Nato…

I am new to real estate investing and I am also in Houston. I have been searching for a good resource for Lis Penden notices and realiability among websites seems somewhat weak. Can you recommend any good resources specific to the Texas market? I would also like to see if your up for meeting for coffee sometime? What area are you in? I am in the NE. I would like to network with other investors in the area.

Pm sent TXss.