Short Sales/Course

Hey fellows.Just inquiring about doing short sales in the Raliegh.
1.Is it possible.
2.Anyone doing these in this area? it lucrative.
Also about Probate—
1.Is it possible?
2.Anyone doing these in this area?
3.Is it lucrative?
4.How much money is usually required for both short sales and Probate. I heard you dont need money from for short sales.???

And what do you guys think about these guys courses::::
1.D.C. Fowler???
2.Scott Rister???
3.Jeff Kaller???
4.Steve Cook???

Please hellp

Answers to your questions concerning short sales/probate.

  1. Yes, it’s possible
  2. There is ALWAYS someone doing them in your area. Have you visited any of the local area real estate investors clubs/associations?
  3. As with any business, REI can be very lucrative or very costly. It mainly depends on the owner’s drive/desire and their ability to run a business.
  4. You ALWAYS need money in REI and especially when dealing with short sales and probate property. It just doesn’t always have to be YOUR money.

Answer to courses:

I’d suggest that you read all the FREE info that you can on the subject before trying to buy any courses. There is a ton of info here on, over the internet and in the local library. If you haven’t yet visited/joined your local REIA, then I’d sugget that you also do that as you’ll more than likely meet a local investor or two that is doing that. They may even be willing to train you in the process, either for a fee or possibly using you as a birddog. Only after you’ve gotten a grasp of the basics of short sales/probate (or whatever else you’re interested in) should you start looking into purchasing a course on the subject.

Hope it helps,


Thank you for your feedback. I do have somewhat of an understanding of the process because I have read the articles on this siteas well as various free information on other sites. I took a chance on the course this weekend and I feel like it will help take me to the next level. I’m ready to take what I have learned and start applying it. This is such a great forum. I look forward to contributing to the threads as I get more experience.

Steve cooks course is wholesaling not Short sales!!