Short Sales and Preforeclosures: How To?

What’s the best way to go about learning short sales and preforeclosure techniques? Is there a legitimate course or two out there that is worth what I assume will be a considerable cost? Thank you.

just to get a feel for it w/o spending an arm and a leg which I don’t believe is really needed until you really get going and want to crank it up like a well-oiled machine, I tend to like Jared Severe’s course. A whopping $47 bucks.

D.C. Fowler is very good too (see this site) or

There is some good stuff from Treakle ($995) over at

The Tewis’s flip SSs like pancakes…but very expensive seminar bootcamps. They’ve got a machine going there in FLA.

I was invited to a free short-sale seminar put on by Chicago Title. It was super informative. Get in contact with some title reps, they are a wealth of information. It’s a hot topic and I’m sure the title reps in your area are putting on similar seminars for their clients (realtors).

You should consider Jeff Kaller he has a bootcamp for shortsales but it does have a considerable cost