short sales and bankruptcy

I am currently working a short sale where the borrower has filed bankruptcy. The first lien holder has been granted a relief of stay and is proceeding with the foreclosure. I have a great offer in place and the first lien holder is willing to accept it but the second lien holder will not file for a relief of stay and will not work with us at this point. The sale date will be set for sometime after the bankruptcy should be discharged which will hopefully allow us to work with the second. The 341 meeting of the creditors took place in October 2007 and should be discharged any day. :helpThe first has agreed to pay them $1500 for their release which is $1500 more than they will ever see. Does anyone know of a website that I can check to see if the BK has been discharged? The borrower’s BK attorney is not returning their phone calls or emails.