short sale

Does anyone know if a short sale can be made if the seller currently has the house listed with a realtor? ???

Yes you can do a short sale when a house is listed with an agent. It’s pretty common to see listings in the MLS that say “subject to bank short sale”. The bank will figure the commission that has to be paid as one of the costs when they are determining what they will lose in the sale.

Banks love to have a Realtor involved. It creates credibility. Wells Fargo will not even look at a Short Sale unless the property has been listed for 90 days. Every bank with have their own rules concerning Short Sales.

Yes it can
But I suggest you negotiate and help the Realtor with you’r offer
O f course the Property must be started into Foreclosure
And make sure the Realtor’s Agency is negotiating as an Transaction Broker

What book did you read “Transaction Broker” from?

thats the best way to negotiate with the bank, I fyour not representing either party and are neutral in fascilitating the transaction, (as aRealtor) This helps with your negotiating.
I have found :wink: this to be the case here in Missouri.,

I would agree,

it makes sence, I have never heard it called that before.