short sale.

sorry about the previus message I was just testing the sistem… hi every one Iam new here as you can see… Iam from south california glad to be here on this site i thing you guys are awsome…is there any of you that are in the short salling. Ive been studing some REI books and I even bought a course Ive studing this technic for quiet some time now…but to be honest I thing out of all the techniqes I choose the wrong one to star in this business… probably will be better holsalling.any way I hope you guys can give me some advise on this I will appreciate. There is a family that bought a house for about 300k the house is worth 115k right now but they have not pay the morgage for almost 3 years do to some problems they had. on top of that they file for bankrupci not sure wich one 7 or 13, I look at the couty and I see they owe like 92k, not sure if thats for back payments or taxes… they put the property with an agent to short sale it for 115k but no luck, it was on the MLS for like 3 months they let go of the agent, at this point Iam not sure if I even going to be able to help them out. if you guys thing there is a chance on thisone please let me know and we can work something out, if not I still thank you for listening to tis guy, I hope you guys the best to you and your famylies