Short sale without title company

   I'm working on a short sale that I will be reinstating and taking the 1st mortgage Subject-to and shorting the 2nd. My question is, since I am paying cash for the settlement amount with the 2nd, do I need to close this through a title company or can I just send the funds the the 2nd lender and take care of the recording of documents (warranty deed, etc.) myself?
   I've already done a title search and the property is fine, but I'm running on a deadline to get the funds to the 2nd and if I close with a title company it will take too long. 

Appreciate any help.

go through escrow get title insurance and record the deed

also I’ve made a big mistake before and sent the money to the bank(it was my first deal)not good for me, they never told the trustee to cancel the sale!!! guess who got the short end of that stick

Now I go through escrow and get title insurance
also I have the funds wired to the trustee and I’m very open and honest with the lender.
since then I’ve never had a problem with simply telling them I’m taking over sub2, their happy to be getting the payments and a performing loan.