Short Sale with ASC (Americas Servicing Company) or SLS (Specialized Loan Svc)

We are going to short sale our house. Owe 200k, worth 120k.

Any experience short selling with
Americas Servicing Company (ASC) - 1st Mtg
Specialized Loan Servicing (SLS) - 2nd Mtg

Just looking to see if there are specific approaches that work best with these particular companies.

Or, how to approach banks period.

I am not an investor. Did lots of research on Lease Options but never got into it. Went another way. Now back here to get educated on short sales for my short selling my own dang house!


I did a short sale where SLS (Specialized Loan Services) was involved and they were pretty good as I remember to deal with!

I believe they are out of Colorado?


yeah, they are in CO.

How much did they take, vs the balance?