Short Sale with an Agent Involved

A person called me back after receiving a letter from me that I could help them avoid foreclosure. After talking to him for a while I found out that he had an agent. Well, the house has been listed for a few month and will be sold next month. The seller agreed to go ahead with a short sale. I gathered just about everything I need from him to do the short sale, but the contract. I faxed it over to the agent and owner. The owner and I are ready to get things moving! I’m trying to be patient and wait on the agent to have him sign the contract or counter me…should I go ahead and have the seller sign the contract and worry about the agent later? I don’t want the seller to have any conflicts with the agent since they did sign an agreement. But I feel like the agent isn’t doing anything. For crying out loud there wasn’t even a for sale sign in the yard when I went to view the property!

What do you mean it will be sold next month, you mean foreclosure sale ? The agent does not need to agree to the sellers sale to you. Have the seller sign and return to you. Yes keep the agent informed as he/she mey be able to do most of the work negotiating for you with the bank…but don’t count on it. The seller needs to take care of/deal with the agent . Resend a copy to the seller and get it signed. If the agent gets in the way report to local real estate board, but first call the agents broker and expect results. Start politely.

Thanks for the advice. This is actually my first short sale and wasn’t sure if I would be breaking any laws by not waiting on the agent to advice his client.