Short Sale Training and Systems

Can anyone tell me as much as they can about anyone of these guys? :help :help

Never heard of them.

Are you trying to steal my name? :shocked

That’s a pretty awesome name!!! Unfortunately my parents most have taken it from you about 37 years ago…My name is Joseph R. Harris. :beer

None of them are really worth the money.

There’s plenty free info available on this site and elsewhere on the web.

But if you really want to part with a couple of grand, send it to me. I’ll teach you everything I know.

I’ve only heard of a couple of them, but for me, the general rule is just to learn it yourself. All of this is easier (in concept) than what you might think. The “hard” part is the dedication, motivation, perseverance, etc.

I purchase Graham Treakle course on ebay. It seem to be a good course step by step info. I 'm still trying to find my first short sale deal to see if it really works.