Short Sale Tips

Hey guys,

I just received an email on short sale training, it seems legit and I am trying to become more experienced in this field. The dude seems to know what he’s talking about and offers a lot of free reports, webinars, etc, without committing to anything first. I signed up for all the free stuff, but I would love some other feedback on it before I go further. He is pretty down to earth and I like his approach more than any other training course.

Check it out at

let me know what you think, thanks.

Mike does know his stuff, but down to earth?? Not sure about that. Prepare to be bombarded with email.

First, his program is geared very specifically to Realtors. If you are not one, forget it. If you are one, the info is good but every single bit of it is available for free if you take the time to read the different SS forums here, Bigger Pockets, and others.

Just curious - Why would you do business with someone you yourself describe as a “dude”?


Does the term dude has some sort of negative connotation to you that makes them unworthy of doing business with?

Not sure what generation you are but Dude is pretty much ubiquitous now. Just means guy. Nothing more.

stay away from gurus, first sign of a guru is when you go to the site they are giving away 'free" stuff…all they do is bombard you with emails, driving you to buy stuff. I would much rather just go to the site, see the product and materials and buy it. i dont need free stuff, how USEFUL IS FREE STUFF? its all crap. good luck!


Buying a short sale is not for all buyers of real estate. In fact, for those who need a specific date for elimination, a short sale is the least viable. But for those who have time and patience to get long odds in search of a discount, buying a short sale might work.

I think short sales are hype. Short sales actually close less that 1/3 of the time. Are the savings on purchase price worth the time and effort given the depressed prices in the market now?

Well, short sales are real. Some gurus might use them as hype. All foreclosure investing is hyped by gurus and you should be wary of anyone over-hyping any investment.

Yes, short sales are different in that they take longer and they are not sure things. To make up for that, you can usually get much better prices than with a REO. The fact that they are not “easy money” is a positive in that it discourages many from pursuing them, making for better prices for those who do.

Many people feel they are worth the time and effort. Many feel they are not. To each his own.

Short sales closings do happen quite often (I close at least 4 to 6 per month). If you feel the program will be beneficial to YOU…then buy it. Good Luck with your business.