Short sale technique help

As a new investor in short sale
in the most simple but efficient and thorogh terms,
please outline the process.
I’ve already come across lenders who will fund the deal if I have a
pre-approved contract buyer in place.
But can someone walk me through the process (inception to closing).

Way to comlpicated to explain as a response to your posting. Also, you should be posting this in the short sale section.

Just an overview will help
I can use any information or advice you may have please.
Thank you.


Send me a PM and I’ll point you to a site where you can get these documents as a free download. The information in these documents should help with your questions.

• Short Sale Basics – Full Document Explanation
• Most effective marketing methods
• Three Short Sale marketing letters
• Telephone Scripts for screening leads
• Short Sale Coordination form
• Authorization to Release Information
• Telephone Scripts with the Bank
• Short Sale Disclosure
• Financial Statement
• Sample Hardship Letter
• Sample Purchase Agreement
• Sample Net Sheet
• Sample Cover Letter #1 - pdf
• Sample Cover Letter #2 - pdf
• Sample Cover Letter #3 - pdf
• Sample Proof of Funds - pdf

can u please point me to where i can get these downloads