Short sale specialists in Ohio

I need to find a Realtor with SS experience or a SS specialty company in or close to Stark County Ohio

I’m in the youngstown area. All I can say is call around and interview some realtors in your area or go the a local REIA meeting and ask them. Make sure they are not just listing realtors but that they also are good at marketing your properties.

bhb, R you looking to contract a deal, or do you have plans of selling one U own useing a short? Sounds like you might b new to SSs and although thats nothing to be ashamed of, you might save a ton of time and frustration by taking the position that RE agents r NOT typically well versed in this arena in as much as a short tends to require more than asking the buyer to roll over for a lender’s/lien holder’s REO range price. Packaged as this price may be, call it a “deep discount”, “deal of a lifetime” etc. There r those agents out there whom display a real understancing of such, they r not the norm @ all.
Shorts r rather tedious and require the time, talent, and temperment of a real specialist if one is to be seen thru to close.
Quick answer; investors have plenty of high profit potential deals to choose from @ any given time and a short typically won’t show up in that pile of files. Good hands r hard 2 find. Best of luck.

Thank you! very helpful.

If you need a short sale done, I can do it for you. I’m not a realtor, or in Ohio. Don’t really need to be, as long as you can take pictures if needed. I have a fee, but it is put on the HUD1 so the bank negotiates it. It doesn’t come out of your pocket, or the seller. Explain a little more about what you need.


You can be in another state? How does that work? I would assume the realtor should be local so they can see the condition of the property. How many short sales have you done sir?

Have a great day

Yes, all the negotiating is done by phone, fax, or email anyways. Someone should be local to take pictures if needed. I can also work with the homeowner, by calling, or emailing them.
Are you the one interested in buying the short sale? You don’t need a realtor who knows how to do a short sale. The banks just usually require that it is listed in the MLS. Let’s say that the amount owed on the home is $155,000. After commissions, fees, offering closing cost to new buyer, the lowest it can be listed for is $169,000. Then it is listed for that. When the bank approves of the short sale amount, the price is lowered, maybe $30,000. Agent commissions, my fee, closing costs etc. are on the Hud that the bank negotiates.

I have done 5, just started with credit crunch. One wasn’t successful. But it was a bank that everyone says is impossible to work with. Even so, I don’t guarantee one will be a success.
It is entirely up to the bank, not logic.

Send me a private message from your email to mine that is listed in my profile, if you want to talk more.