short sale services

has any used for their short sale services? If so, how are they?

What other companies would you guys recommend?

Who knows the whole story? But I do feel that the case study they posted on their web site is a fabrication. Though the address is redacted in part of their ‘case study’, it was stated in the body of the text as 2800 Old Jackson Road, 30248. There is no 2800 Old Jackson Road at that zip code.

My gut reaction is that this is just one more outfit looking to take your money without really earning it. I was working with a investor on a short sale in San Diego (I am the negotiator) and he mentioned that he was working with The Short Sale Service prior to me.

I had already seen some of their literature and it was full of marketing bullshit like “I certify that I am a KeyHolder and have been given access to the Vault” and other crap that for some reason people flock to like flies to s**t.

They would only handle short sales that were a ‘slam dunk’, which is why I was brought in. The short sale potential on this one sale is at best marginal.

He confided that they charged only $1,000 per short sale (up front) but made more money on the back end direct from the lendor. He stated that he told them the price he wanted to get, and voila.

The bells kind of started ringing in my head.

I asked him if they (the service) had ever kicked a property back saying he was trying to get too much out of it.


So, I said that essentially he had no idea how much the short sale service was making off of him. He could be leaving thousands or tens of thousands on the table.

He got the WEIRDEST look on his face. He had NEVER considered how much he was losing.

I am beginning to work with investors in doing their short sales for them and planned on making it only back-end fee based. Of course I will audit the deals and look at the numbers as well as the lending institute and go from there. If you’re interested, I’d love to work with some people, I have two clients at the moment, as well as doing approx 12 short sales locally at the moment.

Let me know!

I’d be interested in e-mailing with you about your service. I’m a Realtor in the Pacific Northwest, and our market is beginning to see more foreclosures with the flattening sales trend.