short sale service

does anyone know of a short sale service that does the deal for you for a fee. does anyone use one right now?

I just ran across one the other day. It’s called Short Sales Only I think it’s worth checking out.

Have anyone ever used shortsalesonly. I’m using them right now but they will not give you any information on you short sales. They will not keep up inform on how the short sales going. They will not return phone calls or answer e-mail. So can someone tell me have they ever used them.

Annette who did you speak to when you submitted your SS? The guy that runs shortsalesonly use to be Mod for this site. I actually called him today, he called me back and left a message. i know another guy that submitted 8 SS to them, but i don’t know the progress

No, I submitted the form to a Rob Ostrander. This is my first time using the short sale system. I only submitted 1 package before I really started to used them to see how they work. I’m not getting a good vibe from them. They want update you on anything and my homeowner is getting upset.

I submitted 2 files to Rob/Dianne. I already sent complete short sale packages into the bank and SSO had all the docs they needed from me.

I have talked to Robb personally and initially everything sounded great. I was excited to find their service. I did not get any updates from SSO for over 1 month and after numerous phone calls and emails trying to find an answer, nothing…

My advice is stay away. I think they got over their heads taking money for a retainer fee and not provided anything close to the service that they advertise.

Dubois-next time you talk to Robb, ask him why he is taking our money and running. It seems Robb only returned your call because he doesn’t have your money yet… once he does, he apparently doesn’t call back. I talked with him 5-6 times at great length before I submitted my payment. I am aware of others who have also had the same thing happen to them.
I would love to hear SSO’s explanation of what exactly happened.

I gave them the 100 dollar to start the paper work. But thats as far I have gotten. I don’t know whats going on with the short sell I submitted. I have e-mail them numberous of time (NO RESPOND). I’m thinking should I just send another short sell package to the lender and try to do the short sell myself. Have anyone being successful with SSO in getting there short sell completed?