Short sale service companies

Has anyone used this company? How reputable are they? Are there any other companies out there that do such services? Thanks in advance,


I talked to them.
They seemed legit but tooo interested in my investors than in my short sales… is another one

I dont know much about them, but the guy who worked there, used to post here regularly

I can help you do the same. I have had success in negotiating short sales for myself and never really thought about doing it for anyone else until I read this post but if you are interested I will negotiate for you.

Just let me know if you are interested. Rocks…

I know the owner personally and am flying out to meet him here in a few weeks. He’s legit, does a TON of files and is the cheapest out there. (He does volume, that’s how he makes his money).

For $500, you can’t get a better deal anywhere else. If you’re doing 20 files a month like I will be in the next month or 2, you better believe Outsourcing is a good idea.

And if you do decide to use him, tell him Andrew Kuhn sent you his way. Thanks


How does this work exactly? Let’s say you find a seller that is facing foreclosure.