Short sale question

Hello all, i wanted to know how you could add short-sales to your wholesaling business.
I am interested in short-sales , but i thought they took so long to accomplish and get paid from.
Any suggestions??

Also has anyone used D.C. Fowlers course??

As a real estate investor, you need to pick a strategy and work on it. Yes, short-sales take time and that’s why many investors don’t do it. You need to have patience and build up relationships with lenders. It’s all about finding your niche, what you like to do, and get good at it.

Are you very organized, good at following-up, patient, a hard worker, ready to put in many hours that sometime never pay off? Then, short sales may be a good strategy. There sure aren’t tons of investors who do it.

I agree with REIAuctions (By the way nice site) find a niche and go with it. If you dont have a good relationship built up you will have way too many hours in the deal and not enough hours at the closing table and remember that is where you get paid.