Short Sale Question

If I have a homeowner/seller who is a short sale candidate, and a buyer and a short sale specialist (RE agent who specializes in SS)—What is the best way to structure a deal?
I know that you cannot assign a SS, and there are no double closings anymore, so is there some kind of document that would allow us to put it under contract, then flip the contract to a buyer and collect a bird dog fee at closing? I know they wouldn’t want to pay prior to closing because sometimes SS’s fall apart. :deal


I know you already know the answer because your really smart! 

Let’s see “I know that you cannot assign a SS” (Short Sale) so jeez I just have to believe you know you can not flip a contract to a buyer!

And since I know it’s almost Christmas and your not greedy, I know since you posted this you decided out of the goodness of your heart to just help the seller and put realtor and buyer together because your such an awesome human being!

Gosh if more real estate investors were just like you this world would be such a better place!

My Hero,



Short sale , permit a property holder more time to remain in the home during the process. It gives a potential benefits to receive financial compensation from the mortgage company by completing a short sale.