short sale question help!!!!

I have a seller that home went into foreclosure already had the sheriff sale in november she wants to sell the house bad. and now have to may-07 to move out she owes the bank 189,000 estimated market value is 199,000…would the bank allow a short sale to get the property off of their books…i was gonna offer 169,000…i need some advice or another avenue maybe to have her deed the home to me now and april I refi then it gets them off the hook…is there any lenders that do 90 day seasoning refinance?

So the sheriff’s sale was in November and you say she has until May to move out. That sounds like a 6 month redemption period. You didn’t say in what state the property is located but it sounds like you need to research the foreclosure laws in your state and get a firm understanding of what you can and cannot do with respect to this property.

i’m in minnesota

Where is the property located?

IMO you plan to offer too much.
When you pay the closing costs you’ll be left with about 10K, and if you put it on the mls with a realtor say 5% commission your profit is gone.
You can even lose money.