Short Sale Program?

Hi everyone

I’m planning to purchase a short sale training curse from, is it worth the investment? If yes, why? If not, please suggest another curse or way to learn the industry and process?

I e-mail D.C Fowler for info and they didn’t respond.

I appreciate any advise on this matter.

Thanks in advance.

I’m surprised you didn’t hear anything from Mr. Fowler
because I’m a student and have always gotten feedback
for my questions from him or his staff.

I was not aware that offered a short sale
course. I havent bought their information but I’ve been
to their site and reviewed their catalog and did not see
a course specific to short sales.

What I appreciated about Mr. Fowler’s MMWSS course was
that when I went to his site it was genuine and straight
to the point. The best thing was that I could not beat the
price. Price is not important to some people, but it is to me.
Once I received the information I was pleased and I’ve gotten
tons of additional help from them since. So far this year
I’ve closed two short sales, negotiated another (for a fee), and
have one that I just received the acceptance letter on, and two
more irons on the fire. Ultimately you have to go with your gut
feeling on which course to purchase.

Just my two cents!


Thank you for responding to me question. Your comment was helpful.

Did you had to purchase additional programs, form, CD, or etc. from D.C. Flower in order to get started on short sales?

I not looking for a gimic and self perclaimed guru of short sales. I’m looking for solid program that gives me the scripts, contracts, and step by step approach to short sales. Money is an issue to me, but I rather get a program that works then junk for nothing.

I have narrow my search to two programs but only one can be reach via phone or e-mail ( D.C. Flower has no contact phone and doesn’t answers to my e-mail. I believe both programs are similar.

Thanks again.

Which email did you use? I know they have a phone number. It’s an 800 number.

Can you give me their 800 number?